Proceed to enter your details below and then click on the “Proceed To Submit Your Quote” button. We will receive your request and generate an official order for the items selected by you. This order will include lead times, delivery information and costing if applicable and banking details. If you require branding on your garments go to the branding page on the menu and proceed to complete the contact from including all branding information. Branding costs will be included in the official order sent to you. If you are satisfied with the information on the order proceed with EFT and e-mail proof of payment. At this stage your order will be processed. If you are not satisfied please liase with the our office to work out details of your order. If you require a sales rep to visit you please enquire. Thank you for your interest.

Delivery – We are contracted to the Courier Guy. Prices are based on the size of the package and the location of the delivery. Please indicate if the delivery is priority so we can provide you with accurate pricing and lead times.

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